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good evening, thank you for joining us on this labor day holiday. >> disgruntled or truly offended, misunderstood or truly racist? that's the drama playing out on the online review site yelp after a bite to eat went bad at a downtown palo alto restaurant. it raises questions about how one bad review can lead to a storm of criticism. >> reporter: a very strong power apparently from this story, jessica. it all began thursday night right before the labor day weekend holiday, when a man says he was at a going away party at an old restaurant in downtown palo alto. he said he was at a table when a waitress said a racial slur.
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>> she asked my co-workers if we were with them. >> michael chase says he approached the manager at the old pro restaurant. he posted a long yelp review the next day blasting the business. and got dozens of responses from other users. within hours the owner of the old pro responded on yelp. in the yelp replyreply, she sai had apologized and disciplined the waitress. >> it was a very disappointing thing to say. i really want to get all the facts together. >> some say it's a classic he said she said. and for chuang, this would be a first. >> no one's ever been
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>> reporter: she's also upset that one post on yelp could seemingly cause so many chaos. >> there should be some filter or something. >> reporter: the number of posts reporting both sides have been nonstop since chuang's review. >> social media serves that purpose. >> reporter: as for yelp protocol, a spokesperson tells nbc bay area that a lot of the comments will be removed because you cannot post a comment on yelp if you have not visited. the rest of the posts will be filtered out using an al gore rhythm very similar to the kind used to filter spam out of your e-mail. >> stevephanie, thank you.
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it's labor day and it's all about work for the workers on the dumbarton bridge. the bridge will likely reopen ahead of schedule. this is a live look at the dumbarton bridge that has been closed for retrofitting. this is the last full shutdown of the bridge for seismic upgrade project which is scheduled to finish early next year. emotions are running high in vallejo where police shot and killed a 23-year-old man over the weekend. it happened yesterday morning around 4:30 in the morning around pepper drive. monty frances is live in vallejo with more on the story. monty? >> reporter: jessica, there have been seven officer involved
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shootings here since may, including the one that happened here early sunday morning. >> he was just parked there. he was at home. >> cynthia mitchell is a grieving mother. officers shot and killed her son, 23-year-old mario ram mi r. johnson was injured in the shooting, ramiro died at the scene. >> they wouldn't let me come so i could have my last final moments with him after they killed him. i just wanted to touch his hands. >> withins watched from the- >> i finally got the window open and i pleaded with him, i was like, please, please stop shooting, they don't have a gun, they don't own a gun. >> reporter: vallejo police would not go on camera due to the holiday, but press releases
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says that officers shot ramiro when he got out of the car and reached for what turned out to be a pellet gun. >> i seen them shoot and kill my brother in front of me. his door was never opened. he doesn't own a pellet gun. >> ramiro is the fifth person to die after being shot by vallejo police in four months. on may 25th, police killed a man who also had a replica handgun which they refused to drop. >> if you listen to their stories, everybody they shood shoot had a replica gun or a pellet gun. nobody they shot had a real gun. >> we can tell you that the two officers involved have been placed on. the football team not only
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lost saturday's game, but there was a seating problem, school officials say they're now addressing a problem that led to the sale of seats that did not exist. when the seats were being assigned to the benches, they realized that the seats were fewer than expected. cal was forced to relocate some fans while other fans just simply chose to squeeze in and sit a lot closer to each other. cal's announced attendance at the game was about 63,000 people. jeff ranieri joins us with some of the hot spots, let me guess, near my house, it was hot. >> in the east bay, ranks as one of the hottest for today. wasn't the hottest for the summer, that happened back on august 11 when the east bay did hit 105. so we stayed out of the unyou believe range, but definitely plenty of sunshine. we did get the warmest weather
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last week. livermore topping out at 96, morgan hill 95, san ramon 89 degrees. this cool breeze is developing and it's dropping temperatures in san francisco, san mateo and also in sunnyvale. we're going to see some much larger changes coming our way with this marine layer and fog building at the coastline. we're going to let you know how low they could go in our next forecast. right now crews in southern california are fighting a wildfire which is impacteding thousands of people. the so-called williams fire broke out yesterday. above glen dora, that's in the san gabriel mountains. it's already burned more than 4,000 acres. stephanie elam has more on the aggressive air attack that's on the way. >> we had an air show out there, we had a lot of aircraft
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dropping. >> that dc 101 -- officials are coming at the williams fire from all angles today. >> we have active fire today, it's not just burning in one fire flank, it's going on both sides and it's backing down as well. to it's going in all directions so we're trying to put this fire out as quickly as we can. >> the blaze that has burned abo about 4,000 acres is likely to be contained. >> with the low humidities and the high temperatures and the winds we're having this afternoon, it's giving us a fight. >> and in this remote area, firefighters are battling more than just flames and high temperatures. >> you're looking at anywhere from a 30--degree slope to an 80-degree slope to a sheer cliff drop off so it's real hard for firefighters to get in these
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areas to put a containment line around it. >> as for the dc-10 it takes about an hour for it to refill and get back out to make another drop. >> we don't want to have firefighters put in unsafe situations so if they need water drops, we make sure they go into there first. family and fellow firefighters are still optimistic as they continue to hold vigil for that santa fe firefighter who suffered smoke inhalation last week after a fire. doctors say they are pleased with his progress. right now only ryan's family and very close friends are allowed to visit, but many of them have been staying outside his room at the ucmc medical center all day. >> laser pointers are often sold as toys, but they become a very serious issue for san jose police and the faa.
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they describe a frightening episode above san jose's man netta airport last night. they're looking for the person who aimed a laser at a flight taking off. it can temporarily disorient and blind the pilot. members of a san jose community severe say it's up to them to keep their streets safe and what they're calling on everyone to do. >> i'm antho-- and the democratic national convention hasn't even started yet, but two california delegates are already in holt water, why they have been sent home. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center, we have cooler winds at the coastline, but warmer winds inland, holding on to 91 right now in livermore,
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temperatures in the mid 70s in the afternoon, we'll tell you who could hit mid 90s coming up. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter what? too? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked.
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damian, the united farm worker's union not happy with lawmakers for rejecting a bill that would provide overtime pay for these workers. what happens now. >> they're angry, they're not going to stop now. the farm workers were the only gro gro group left out of the 1938 -- the seat assembly just voted to keep it that way. >> reporter: they have been
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cleaning this pepper hill since 5:30 this morning. they're not going to sugar coat it, it hasn't been an easy day. it's hot. >> reporter: it was in the low 90s in morgan hill, a little hotter in this organic green bean field farther south in gilroy. >> translator: we're all bent over, but the crops have to be picked, even on labor day. no special compensation for working the holiday, and the state assembly just derailed the bill that would have paid farm workers overtime. >> and after 74 years, they still don't have the right to get overtime after an eight-our day or after 40 hours a week. >> the president of the united farm wores say they will hold the lawmaker who is voted against the bill accountable. >> but there were some latino democrats who voted against the legislation and shame on them,
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even those latino democrat who is come from rural districts and that is unacceptable. >> reporter: opponents say the legislation would have actually lowered wages and farmers argue they would have to pass the increase to consumers and they argue it would hurt the economy while agriculture is helping lead the rebound. >> translator: office work is easy because you're sitting down in an air-conditioned building. he says if anyone deserves overtime, it's the people bent over next to him. hidalgo says he might enjoy the holiday after clocking out after his 10-hour stay. . >> reporter: they say the bill places agriculture industry at a huge disadvantage nationwide. they will keep fighting to keep this bill alive.
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>> okay, thank you, damian. dozens of protesters spent their labor day marching to at the chevron refinery. they say they want chevron executives prosecuted after the fire on august 6 that sent a plume of smoke over parts of contra costa county. luck may be the only reason no one was badly injured or died in the recent blaze. >> we got away very luckily in this case, but we know that this is not the only case and that this will happen again if we leave it in the hands of for profit industry. because for profit industry has shown to us that they don't care about what they do to the land or to the people or to the workers. >> spokesman for the company says that over the past three years alone t company has given almost $10 million to youth
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programs, economic development and education. in the meantime martushechevron other agencies investigating the cause of that fire. >> the street was supposed to stay closed until tomorrow morning, but crews working on the new transbay tube center have completed ahead of schedule. excavation continues on the underground railway levels. there was a jet ski crash at south lake tahoe. a family rented jet skis. investigators say at some point the two water crafts collided going 30 miles an hour. the family's 7-year-old daughter was air lifted to reno with severe leg and foot injuries t 5-year-old son and his mother remain hospitalized with head injuries, all are expected to
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survive. thousands of people spent their day belong -- enforce a ban on booze. voters along this stretch of the river had to pass through a checkpoint where rangers inspected all of the coolers for alcohol. the message is pretty simple here, have fun, be safe and no alcohol. >> we have had issues with fights between people who are drinking alcohol, they are intoxicated and they have end up having fights with other raftings and when they're intoxicated they don't swim as well. >> the checkpoint is apparently working. rangers say there have been very few incidents and things have been very calm today. >> let's turn things over to jeff. >> we had 70s along the coastline, some of the hottest close to the triple digits. 96 in livermore, 91 in santa
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ter's a, 87 in willamette valley. downtown salve did have some low 70s, but the official reading closer to the coast did pop-up to 66 today and also 88 in stan rafael. so was this one of the hottest of summer for the east bay? let's take a look. we're always do research back here in the weather department. you can see the hottest of summer happened on august 11. we did top out at 105 in livermore. what we have happen right now is plenty of 60s up against the coastline, that's creating that foggy breeze when you have so much moisture on the coastline and it really starts to drag in the fog. we'll take you out right now to part one, and that's the sunshine in the south bay, a lot of blue skies, a lot of you continuing to have some sort of family going into the early evening hours, no cloud cover expected. back into san francisco, anyone
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doing any kind of rooftop celebrations today. you can see that fog that's starting to ramp up and those temperatures are beginning to drop. let's get you back into the latest satellite loop and what we're going to find is the fog is going to get a little bit more extensive, all the way down to seaside and southern california. that's an area of high pressure that produced our warm weather sunday and monday. that will mean for tonight, fog starting to build up across the northern -- possibly some low clouds pushing into palo alto for the morning hours as well. let's get a look here as we head throughout 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. most of the cloud cover will be right up around the north bay. and then in the afternoon hour, we're going to have plenty of sunshine. temperatures do not look too hot, widespread over the board. all right, for the day, we'll go with upper 70s to near 780 degrees. for the entire your valleys,
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we're looking anywhere from 85 in the south bay to about 92 expected back in the east bay. the three-day forecast, low 90s tusz and wednesday, and by thursday, temperatures start to cool down just a little bit. but no major drops coming in that seven-day forecast. a little bit of tropical air may be moving into the bay area later on. a new warning for parents about a popular medicine, what doctors are saying about a possible long-term side effect from inhaled steroids. a memorial targeted by vandals and it's not the first time. and one last ride to those seekers who -- [ folksy whistli] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking.
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the memorial was meant to symbolize the loss of the growth in the south hills. the landscape committee hopes that a video surveillance unit recorded the crime and it's asking for $5,000 in donations to help repair the sculpture and re-enforce security there. that same memorial had been vandalized a year before. the burning manifest value is wrapping up today with a crowd well under the federal cap. the bureau of land management says the festival's peak attendance on friday was 53,200, well under the daily cap of 60,000. the agency had threatened to pull the license because of overcrowding during the last festival. speed demons lined up in santa cruz today to ride the boardwalk's hurricane roller coaster for the very last time.
6:25 pm
worker also start dismantling the 20-year roller coaster beginning tomorrow. it's being sold to an amusement park in new mexico. today there was a long line of fans that wanted one last crack at that coaster. >> i found at the beginning of the summer. i was sad it was going to be closed downing because it's a lot of fun. >> i'm kind of happy in a way because i'm excited for to the new ride. >> that new ride is a 55-foot high spinning roller coaster that zips around at over 40 miles an hour. the coaster is being built right now in germany but will be shipped over here and ready to go by next summer. and traditionalists, don't worry, the historic giant dipper there in santa cruz is still on the boardwalk and that is going nowhere. >> that's the wooden one that creeks. a new warning for everyone at a bay area university with students to be on the lookout for. >> reporter: i'm kimberly terry
6:26 pm
in san jose where a group is trying to fight back against violence. what they're doing to unite the east side of the city coming up. and is organic always equal healthier? what bay area researchers found out that could impact the way you shop. [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence.
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so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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san jose's east side community is coming together to demand change after one of the most violent stretches in the city's history. today a peace march, they demanded action not only from the mayor and police department, but from themselves. here's nbc bay area's kimberly terry. >> lorenzo madrid was born and raised in san jose and says he's had enough. >> i had safe streets growing up and i want to keep that it way for my kids. >> he organized today's peace march and rally calling on the city to come together to end the violence. >> it doesn't take anything for a little kid to pull a trigger, but it takes a strong community
6:29 pm
to let that kid know that he doesn't need to pick up the gun in the first place, that he can be tough, just by turning away from the violence. >> san jose has had 33 homicide so far this year, eight of them happened in a matter of 1 11 da. >> just the nature of the crime, in broad daylight a woman inside a grocery store was killed. >> san jose police have stepped up their gang suppression efforts track down gang members in violation of their parole or probation. >> i think people are trying to prove that they're this big thing, but they don't realize when they hurt someone or kill someone, they're not affecting just that one person who's, they're affecting the family, the community, the teachers, a whole neighborhood and the city. >> reporter: the emphasis at today's march and rally was to
6:30 pm
reaching out to at risk youth. >> it's going to have to be the community that steps up. >> a lot of them are just youngsters that don't understand. and we have -- a lot of those come from those worlds and we want to say that we want to be here for them. >> there has been relative calm in the last 11 days, no homicide in the city of san jose and of course this group is hoping it remains peaceful. in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. decision 2012 now, it is now the democrats' turn as they gear up for their own convention in charlotte, north carolina. president obama spent the day consoling victims of hurricane violence. but a new gallup poll shows that republican nominee mitt romney didn't get much of an uptick from his convention last week. steve handelsman has the latest from detroit it's time to kick off, almost there. >> almost there, tomorrow, hi,
6:31 pm
jessica, good evening from the democratic national convention in charlotte. it's clear today that when president obama comes here to be with his democrats, and to talk to the nation, looking for another convention bump, like the one he got in 2008, that he's going to take credit for his record. he did it today in louisiana on hurricane coordination and in the important swing state of ohio today on job creation. he needs their votes to win ohio a key battleground so president obama reminded auto workers at a labor day auto rally that he believes in the industry. >> i believe in you, i bet on you, i'll make that bet any day of the week and because of that bet, three years later, that bet is paying off for america. >> reporter: in detroit at a union rally, vice president biden made the same point and more. >> osama bin laden is dead and motors alive.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: in charlotte, michelle obama checked out the convention hall where she speaks tomorrow night. outside, democrats gathered and debated what barack obama ought to emphasize. >> i think he needs to shoot holes in what romney's going around mouthing off about. >> reporter: mitt romney's running mate paul ryan came to north carolina claiming the president cannot run on his record. >> he can't tell you that you're better off, simply put, the jimmy carter years look like the good old day s compared to wher we are right now. >> reporter: president obama took credit for a better federal response for hurricane isaac than republican president bush's to hurricane katrina. the kind of thing the president seems sure to talk about in his big convention speech here on thursday night, live from the dnc in charlotte, i'm steve handlesman, nbc bay area news.
6:33 pm
two california delegates are in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, both are being sent home for unruly behavior. the pair arrived early yesterday morning and police say they were drunk. one of them passed out in a hotel lobby and the other got into an argument with paramedics. one of the delegates claimed to be a member of congress but couldn't produce any id. in detroit a campaign event featuring vice president joe biden went according to plan despite the disappearance of a u-haul truck filled with campaign equipment. police say someone stole that truck from a hotel parking lot yesterday. they found the truck with much of the equipment still inside. new details in a violent attack, a 17-year-old teen has been charged with attempted murder after stabbing someone outside an east palo alto home. police were called to the home
6:34 pm
after reports of a fight and found with multiple stab wounds. the suspect originally called police saying he had been robbed and cut but then admitted he was part of the stabbing as well. a palo alto road has been closed much of the day following a deadly crash. police say an unidentified man lost control of his car and hit a tree this morning. police shut down the road for more than five hours to investigate this accident, they believe the driver may have had a medical emergency prior to the crash, it's not known at this time if alcohol or drugs were a factor. >> apparently you're never too old to catch it, just in time for the start of school, san francisco state university leaders are issuing a warning about chicken pocks on campus. the warning notes that the students may be at an increased risk of chicken pox.
6:35 pm
a second student lives on campus and visited several buildings on friday including the creative arts, ethnic studies, the library and the student services building. still ahead here at 6:00, another danger for online daters, the personal ads that criminals are now targeting. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the bay area weather center, we are tracking a foggy breeze that's dropping temperatures to 63 in san francisco and also 69 in oakland, we'll tell you what that means for any big cooldowns in just a few minutes. [ female announcer ] every day, there's a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal.
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s. a recent controversy over planned parent hood funding is making an impact on this year's susan g. komen's race for the cure. the race is this sunday. the national office of the organization sparked outrage about nine months ago when it briefly refused to provide funding to planned parenthood. the organization changed its mind but it appears the damage has been done with nearly every regional chapter of the komen foundation showing a drop in donati donations. in health matters tonight, a new study found that children taking particular steroids for asthma may end up being shorter
6:39 pm
than their peers. the study found the children most likely to be impacted were between the ages of 5 and 11 when they began the treatment. however, researchers are encouraging doctors to monitor the growth of their patients on steroids, but they the drug's benefits outweigh the risks. the popularity of organic food has skyrocketed. many people still wonder whether an organic label on produce means a healthier product. researchers at stanford compiled data from more than 200 studies of organic versus conventional foods. the two foods were virtually the same in vitamin content. and although the organic produce had pesticides --
6:40 pm
>> what we have gotten from this is good, solid evidence that organic produce is not necessarily superior in terms of safety or nutrition. >> researchers also found no difference between organic and conventional milk. some studies suggested that organic milk may have higher -- you had some low 90s, right now in pacific heights, also in the marina, it's a fog storm as that rolls in as temperatures cool off. we'll let you know what that means for tomorrow's forecast coming up. i'm dave feldman in the comcast sports net newsroom. coming up in sports, how the giants rallied once again and we'll introduce you to the latest hero on san francisco's roster. sports is coming up next. this is an rc robotic claw.
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my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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tonight hollywood the mourning the dth of michael clark duncan at the age of 54. the 6'5" actor may be best remembered for his oscar nominated performance in "the green mile." online dating is certainly a popular way to meet new people
6:43 pm
but it may come with some risks. privacy right experts say criminals are using online personal information and photographs for their own gain. one california woman found out the hard way four months after joining two sites. she learned that someone had stolen her photographs and -- >> my pictures were now attached to a profile to somebody who was not me. >> the woman said she had to complain twice about the phony entry before anything was done to remove it. and even after the complaints it took weeks to get the bogus profile deleted. prince harry made headlineses when he stepped out fully clothed. the prince seemed at ease during the benefit of terminally ill
6:44 pm
kids. >> the nurses, doctors, volunteers are too remarkable for me to adequately to describe with mere words. but never shy in going for it, i'll give it a go. >> he got a few chuckles there. it's been a couple of weeks now since those nude photos of the prince and an unidentified woman in las vegas created a media frenzy. one of the children at the event told the prince, i'm glad you have your clothes on. >> let's turn things over to jeff. i've got something here that's going to make everyone who has to go back to work feel a lot better for tomorrow. you just scored some of the best weather for today if you didn't have the day off. let's take a look at those current numbers. dropping to the 60s here down to san mateo, and that's a result of this onshore wind really getting a lift bark behind it.
6:45 pm
let's take you out to that live h.d. sky camera network. we have that fog, it's a very thin and also shallow veil of fog moving throughout the city, but it is thick enough to be dropping the temperatures right now and we think it will bring us some slightly cooler weather. let's get you into the latest view of what's happening out there. this is that hot high pressure that produe deuced our warm weather on sunday. temperatures dropped about 20 to 30 degrees. that's going to be gone so we are going to be out of this mid to upper 90-degree category here as we head throughout the next couple of days. it could push up some tropical moisture from the south, this could mean rain in california and for some of us mainly just a humid feel in the atmosphere as we head through tuesday and also wednesday, especially down in
6:46 pm
the south bay and temperatures in the 80s. as we begin for the morning hours we'll find the fog on the coastline. we can't rule out a few isolated 07s as you get into san francisco. for the interior valleys, 80s and 09s, and we think it will be coming down on wednesday, thursday and friday. let's get you into the fog forecast, if you're leaving morrow morning early with the kids, and not too much fog getting back to the east bay or the south bay. most widespread chance here of that cloud cover will be right up into the north bay. then by the afternoon hours, we're looking for that fog to push on back and we'll have a decent amount of sunshine right at about 1:00 p.m. to about 5:00 p.m. for tomorrow. so we'll have a pretty good day coming our way just not as holt. 52 in napa and 57 in san jose.
6:47 pm
gilroy expecting 74. for tuesday, we'll see numbers in the mid to upper 80s in the south bay, where we should be, downtown, 88 for you. 92 in morgan hill, 90 in los gatos. for the tri-valley, temperatures in the mid to upper 90s back into plents -- 92 in walnut creek. 80s back into hayward and fremont. 78 in alameda. we're thinking that san francisco will be a little bit above average here, 72 downtown. 75 in americaly, 76 in oakland, also 76 in sewn noam ma. numbers garage wamly going down until about thursday. 60s at the coastline and then for wednesday and thursday, we are going to find that humidity, the tropical air in place, most of those showers should remain to the south as we have noted there on thursday.
6:48 pm
then by this upcoming weekend, we'll find mid 80s, very typical for summer as we head throughout september and by next monday, we haven't even gotten through this monday, and i'm going to bring it up. next monday we're looking at a sunny start for us with temperatures in the upper 80s. >> are we go doing our nbc barbecue? >> i don't know what we're supposed to bring. >> we're going to take care of it all. we have good weather for this. >> we're going to get creative. >> yes, all right. >> i brought my salad. >> let's get to sports. dave feldman joins us from the comcast sports net newsroom. too bad, you can have a salad, but that's about all we have right now. >> jessica, i could have a couple of salads and it wouldn't kill me, so that's already, i appreciate it. here's the deal with the giants, they like to grab a lead early,
6:49 pm
say 4-0, they usually give up a lead, then there's a furious rally and marco scutaro steps up and becomes a hero. and this is becoming a pattern and it was a pattern that continued today. d-backs and giants, giants beginning a six-game home stand. bottom one, 1-0 giants. hunter pence, triples to right center. pablo sandoval and buster posey score, it's 3-0 giants. bottom line, giants down 8-7 now. remember i said they would get down? posey singles to left. marco scutaro scores three times in the eighth. runner on third and skucutaro wh a chance to be hero and he does. giants win 9-8, four of their
6:50 pm
last wins have been come from behind. >> reporter: the giants will lead of at least four runs, but as we have seen on this last road trip and several times throughout 2012, no matter when the team gets down, they seem to have this belief that they can come back from any deficit, something that could prove invaluable down the street and into the postseason. >> it's probably one of the best, if not the best wins of the year, especially just bouncing out to an early lead and the d-backs coming in and taking an early lead. felt like we were a little flat there early in the game. >> it was a great team effort. we just keep fighting and they got some big hits with men in scoring position and, you know, we didn't put our head down, we just keep fighting and, you know, play hard all the way to
6:51 pm
the end. >> we had so many good things happen with clutch hits, marco, two hits late in the ball game, he won the game for us. posey's and crawfords, sanchez's double, there were so many little things that helped us come back off some really good pitching and a hard fought game. >> and the team hoping this this type of win can jump-start their success here at att park where they have struggled of late. they have considered the remaining 15 of their 27 games are at home. angels at as and a rough outing for tommy mallone. tori hunter homers to left. that's his 13th of the year and it was 3-0 angels. in the fourth, it's 4-0 angels. wells shoots a solo shot. his tenth of the year.
6:52 pm
bottom five, 5-2 angels. as only one for five with runners in scoring position and the angels win 8-3. football now and the 49ers placed outside linebacker paris harrell son on injured reserve on sunday due to an apparent left arm injury. the 49ers made a move to clear a roster spot for the veteran linebacker clark haygans when the team signed to a one-year contract. he sustained his injury august 6 against the denver broncos. harrell son was sladed to be the 49ers top outside linebacker behind alden smith an ahmad brooks. smith replaced him for the passing downs. golf now and the final round
6:53 pm
of the deutsch bank championship. roy mackal with a punt to win it out right. one more rotation and that thing's in. this is on the high side, so mackle roy wins and leads. the national buffalo wing festival held in buffalo and it's chicken wing eating contest. joey chestnut ate 7.61 pounds of wings. chestnut's victory halted the black widow thomas's reign. thomas had won in 2004 and from 2007 to last year. that's a lot of eating. i'm sports, jessica and rog, let's go back to you guys. i'll stick to the salad. >> dave can eat. >> how do you know this? >> it's a reputation from his palo alto days.
6:54 pm
>> for a full half hour of sports you can watch comcast have you heard of the new dialing procedure
6:55 pm
for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012,
6:56 pm
if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. comes up at 11:00, we're tracking this holt weather across the bay area as high temperatures were in the mid to upper 90s. we do have that fog building at the coastline, we're going to detail that morning commute and also tell you what's ahead in that seven-day forecast, we have a few changes including some unusual humidity. that's going to make its way into that seven-day. so all that and more later on tonight. rog and jess? >>. a lot of people loved the
6:57 pm
like button on facebook, but apparently so do spammers. now facebook is working to maintain the credibility of its like feature by weeding out the fakes. facebook says a like that doesn't come from someone truly interested in connecting with the page benefits no one. on its official blog, facebook has announced an automated effort to remove suspicious likes. >> we know that you are going to like having kris sanchez on on comcast 186. >> we'll switch you over but then we'll switch you back. >> enjoy your evening, your hole day, we hope to see you back here at 11:00. >> bye-bye. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100.
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100% mmm... ♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪

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